Amani Abraham

Amani Abraham

Amani Abraham is the morning web editor and also tracks morning drive traffic for 1590 WAKR, 97.5 WONE and 94.9 WQMX during weekday mornings and is a reporter/anchor. She's no stranger to, having worked as an intern with Rubber City Radio Group as a producer for the Daily Vodcast and other video projects.. Amani is a 2011 graduate with a Communications degree from the University of Akron, where she excelled in her work on the student radio station WZIP-FM and Z-TV, the University's television program. You can reach Amani through the newsroom 330-864-6397 or by email

Police say a 54-year-old man was robbed while collecting signatures around an Akron neighborhood Thursday night.

The victim told police the robbery happened near Neptune Avenue and Firestone Boulevard where he was collecting signatures for an individual who was interested in running for city council.

Police say two men approached the man and demanded money. The suspects fled the scene.

Only a vague description of the suspects was released.

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Friday, 07 June 2013 10:12

Gunshots Fired At Akron Home

Akron police are investigating a shooting that happened on the city's north side late Thursday night. 

A 26-year-old woman told officers she was sleeping in her bedroom when she woke up to the sound of gunshots in the 900 block of North Howard Street. 

Police say three gunshots struck the home. No one was injured. Police have not identified any suspects.

The shooting remains under investigation.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2013 19:57

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is just around the corner. Chances are he'll tell you that he doesn't need anything, but here's a few ideas to spark your creative imagination.
1. Instagram Keepsake Book
If you have tons of pictures - surprise dad with a easy book created by using instagram photos. If you're not the scrapbooking type, this is the perfect gift.
Father's Day Gift Ideas

Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver says he's going back on his word. He's now encouraging officers to write as many tickets as possible - targeting a specific group.

On the department's Facebook page, Oliver calls the program operation Safe Summer. If an officer finds a child, 12 or under, wearing a helmet while riding a bike - they'll get a ticket for a free ice cream cone.

Oliver says officers are encouraged to write at least one ticket per shift to promote summer safety.

Below is the full post on the Brimfield Police Department's Facebook page.

"Well....some of you have been waiting on me to go back on my word. It has happened....

With all of the talk about writing tickets, all of you have heard me say numerous times... I do not care about tickets. I have changed my mind.

Effective next week, my officers will have a quota for least one per shift. We are going to be profiling, too. We will target a specific group, with the express purpose of writing as many tickets as possible. I am strongly encouraging my officers to write as many as they can, every shift, every is called operation Safe Summer...

When operation Safe Summer kicks off next week, officers will hit the streets looking for our target 12 and under. If a child 12 or under is observed wearing his or her helmet while biking...the child will be stopped and issued a ticket...for a free ice cream cone from Franks Drive-in, located on SR43.

This is the kind of ticket writing I REALLY enjoy....Chief Oliver."

Friday, 31 May 2013 12:30

VIDEO: CAK Unveils New Facility

The Akron-Canton Airport unveiled their new aircraft rescue and firefighting facility this morning.

The new $8.9 million building is part of  airport's 10-year expansion project. It houses airport operations, field maintenance and firefighting operations.
"We need to have our equipment under one roof, which we now do, and we need to be able to respond to weather events and aircraft emergencies as quickly as possible," said Kristi Van Auken, senior vice president of CAK. "And this new building allows us to that so much more effectively than in the past." 
Fire crews showed off their equipment during a live demonstration.

The new 35,000 square foot facility is expected to improve emergency response an snow removal response times. The building is located closer to the midpoint of the airfield, which helps improve the response times. The airport also purchased two new fire trucks, each worth about $695,000.  All operations in the building, including snow and ice removal, will remain open all-year round.
Currently, the airport has 26 full-time firefighters, each carrying around $4,500 worth of equipment which weighs around 10-15 pounds.
"This facility is here so that when (passengers) travel, it's stress free, that they know that the airfield is in tip-top shape, that all of our support systems and emergency response are ready to go and that we're here no matter what."
Wednesday, 29 May 2013 11:16

Elderly Residents Robbed In Home Invasion

Akron police say a pair of elderly residents were victims of a home invasion robbery late Tuesday night.

Authorities say one of the residents recognized one the men who knocked on the door of the home in the 600 block of Springdale Street.

The victims let the two men come inside the home, but that's when the suspects pulled the hoods of their sweatshirts over their heads and forced the residents to the ground.

The suspects fled with the victims home phone, two television sets, house and car keys, a bank card and $300 in cash.

Only a vague description of the suspects were released.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013 09:54

LeBron James Looking For Interns

LeBron James is a busy man - and it looks like he needs a little help.

An announcement on the official website for James,, features a post for internship opportunities with the NBA player. The internships target students interested in online content development and digital sports marketing. Internships are available in Ohio, South Florida and New York.

Below is a list of responsibilities the interns are expected to handle:

- Maintaining basketball and technology industry dossiers
- Researching trends and advancements in the technology & sports space
- Assisting the content development team with updating
- Communicating and interacting with LeBron fans around the world

Interested candidates must be available at least 10 hours a week .

Below is a list of basic qualifications:

- Must currently attend college or a four year university.
- Access to a computer & phone
- Works well in a team setting and takes direction
- Strong communication skills and work ethic
- Has a strong urge to learn and improve
- Demonstrates a strong knowledge of basketball and technology trends
- Proficient with creating spreadsheets and detailed reports (Word/Excel)
- Familiarity with leading social media and blogging platforms (i.e. WordPress, Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter)
- Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, InDesign)

Thinking about sending a resume? Click here to find full details on where to submit a resume. Deadline is June 4 at 10 a.m.

Even though the spring season brings warmer weather and plenty of outdoor activities, it can also bring severe weather with heavy rain - increasing flood risks.

Lt. Don Burroughs with the New Franklin Fire Department says after Memorial Day, lakes in surrounding areas get a little busier and local flooding becomes a problem in communities, which is why his team went through some extra training this year.

"They finished up their classes about a month ago," said Burroughs. "While they were there, they worked with the Ohio Fire Academy and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources - the water craft division - and worked on river rescue, flood rescue and boat operations."

Flash flooding in local neighborhoods can also cause severe problems, expecially when sewer drains and manhole covers are loosened and knocked off, leaving a dangerous opening in the ground.

Burroughs says the best thing you can do is stay out of areas where flooding becomes a problem.

"The biggest thing is to stay out of that water and wait for the local fire department or the Department of Natural Resources, the water craft people, to get them out of there safely."

Despite concerns of rising gas prices, drivers are still planning to hit the roads this Memorial Day weekend.

Kevin Thomas, Vice President of the AAA Akron Auto Club, says road travel is up because many are avoiding traveling by air.

"Some of it has to do with availability; a lot of it has do with the cost of flying right now and there's a lot of fatigue in air travel, said Thomas.

Thomas says gas prices generally don't impact the travel plans of many motorists.

"More than 60 percent of the people, it's not affecting their plans," said Thomas. "And the people that it does affect their plans relative to travel, doesn't prohibit their travel, they modify their behavior ."

Many drivers will change their dining or hotel plans to save money, rather than eliminating or reducing the driving portion of their plans, according to Thomas.

About 35 million drivers are expected take a trip, 50 miles or more, on the road this weekend.

Thursday, 23 May 2013 07:18

Candy Buffet Made Easy

Create a candy buffet using glass candle jars (most likely a dollar or 50 cents at craft stores) and a cheap candlestick. Easy way to impress your guests and show off your creative skills on a low budget.
Candy Buffet Made Easy