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Amani Abraham

Amani Abraham is the morning web editor and also tracks morning drive traffic for 1590 WAKR, 97.5 WONE and 94.9 WQMX during weekday mornings and is a reporter/anchor. She's no stranger to, having worked as an intern with Rubber City Radio Group as a producer for the Daily Vodcast and other video projects.. Amani is a 2011 graduate with a Communications degree from the University of Akron, where she excelled in her work on the student radio station WZIP-FM and Z-TV, the University's television program. You can reach Amani through the newsroom 330-864-6397 or by email

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 10:32

AUDIO Food Truck Friday: Wholly Frijoles!

It's street food with a mexican twist. Wholly Frijoles is getting ready to showcase their authentic Mexican cuisine at the "Food Truck Friday: Radio Roundup" at the Akron Radio Center this Friday.

Owner and operator Juan Gonzalez launched Wholly Frijoles last year with his wife.

"Eventually, we want to have a restaurant, so a food truck is the way to start," said Gonzalez. "So, here we are filling one taco at a time."

Gonzalez was born in Mexico and was raised in Los Angelas, California where he worked with several local food trucks. He then moved to Ohio to work as a kitchen manger.

What's one of his favorite items off the menu? Vanilla Flan. Wholly Frijoles also a several different taco options including carnitas, seasoned calabacitas and chicken nachos.

Sushi on the Roll, Stone Pelican, Zydeco Bistro, and Orange Truk are also lined up to bring their food to the Akron Radio Center on West Market Street on Friday, August 9 starting at 11:00 a.m. until supplies run out.

About the food trucks - all can also be found on Facebook:

The Orange Truk - The Orange Trük is N.E.Ohio's newest chef run gourmet food truck. The Orange Trük is run by two classically trained chefs and specializes in fresh farm to table cuisine. They bring the practice of creating high quality artisan food to the streets of Akron, as is shown in their gastropub menu including Arancini, an Italian rice ball! His are filled with cheesy risotto, provolone & pork tenderloin. Or try the fish tacos with blackened tuna, tomatoes, avocado, cilantro, queso fresco cheese & his always amazing avocado creme fraiche! Cooking is their passion and their life. (website under construction)

The Stone Pelican - Stone Pelican Rolling Cafe is bringing lunch classics to the streets of Akron Ohio. Serving up gourmet Sandwiches, Paninis, Wraps and more, some of their signature items include the Portobello Mushroom wrap, Fresh Fish tacos, and warm hand crafted Apple Cider. New delights are always being developed for the menu, so stay tuned for specials such as pulled pork, shrimp, chicken tenders, and breakfast burritos. and

Sushi on the Roll - Established in 2007, Sushi on the Roll evolved from a vision to bring sushi to the masses. Specifically, to bring a fresh sushi product to corporate America cafeterias as another healthy option for lunch. We immediately began setting up new infrastructure to facilitate the processing of sushi at our state-of-the-art kitchen to produce a high volume of sushi. We also secured a high profile retail outlet right in the heart of a large corporate parkway in Akron, Ohio. Our quality product is recognized as the pinnacle of excellence for taste, freshness, consistency and value for money. This has assured continuing company growth as the popularity of the sushi product has and continues to escalate beyond all expectations.

Wholly Frijoles - Wholly Frijoles Mexican Street Foods Truck Brings the Cleveland & Akron area Mexican street food with an innovative twist. We sell tacos, burritos, gorditas, quesadillas and other Mexican and Latino cuisine made with the freshest ingredients and spiced up.
Zydeco Bistro - unique Cajun and Creole inspired restaurant owned and operated by chef Johnny Schulze form Baton Rouge Louisiana who trained in New Orleans. His restaurant experience is in high-end restaurants; Atlanta GA, Hartford CT, Nantucket MA and Wadsworth OH. Chef Johnny was the former executive chef at the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio for the past ten years. He is now the owner and chef of Zydeco Bistro, a mobile restaurant.

Previous Coverage:

Chef Johnny Schulze is adding a little Cajun seasoning to "Food Truck Friday" at the Akron Radio Center.

He's the owner of Zydeco Bistro, which specializes in Creole and Cajun inspired cuisine. Chef Johnny says he enjoys the small business aspect of his job.

"We actually help the community that we work in by supporting one another, said Schulze. "The small business aspect of that is what drives me. I love working with individuals with the same passion I have with the food industry."

Schulze says he keeps his cuisine fresh by buying local produce in the area. He points out that one of the keys to success is to offer a unique product.

"You just do something very unique and creative and you drive that force."

Mobile Sushi Bar, Stone Pelican, Wholly Frijoles, and Orange Truk are also lined up to bring their food to the Akron Radio Center on Friday, August 9 starting at 11:00 a.m. until supplies run out.


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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 07:04

Akron Hosts National Night Out

The city of Akron is joining more than 15,000 communities across the country for this year's 30th annual National Night Out (NNO) on Tuesday.

Billy Soule, assistant to the mayor of Akron for community relations, says the event is focused on anti-crime efforts and drug prevention in the city and surrounding communities. This year's local theme is "See Something...Say Something."

"With shootings happening in many, many communities, there are witnesses and many of these witnesses don't come forward," said Soule. "And we're asking them 'if you see something, say something."

The city will feature 16 locations where activities will take place for National Night Out. Akron has the most coordinated NNO events than any other city in Ohio.

He says communication is key when fighting against crime within a city.

"When something goes on in a family, family members close ranks and they come together to solve whatever problems that are going on," said Soule. "We would like to see that in our community."

Events begin as early as 4:30 p.m. and run as late as 9:00 p.m. Most sites will feature music, games and free food, and all sites will provide information on safety, health and other issues of concern. Block Watch sign-up and information will be available at all locations.

Below is a list of the 16 locations in Akron.



Thursday, 01 August 2013 03:18

Back-To-School App

It's time for the back-to-schol countdown! 

Here's a great way to get your kids back to their school year routine. The iReward Chart allows you to record credits (examples: cleanup, homework, music practice) your child has earned. Once they reach the daily or weekly amount, they receive a gift.  

Back-To-School App
Source: http://www.redbookmag...
Thursday, 01 August 2013 03:00

Kitchen Rake

Chances are you have a drawer stuffed with kitchen utensils in your home. Here's a simple way to add decor and add a practical organization tool to your kitchen. Attach the end of a old rake to the wall. The ends of the rake can be used to hang all of your primary kitchen utensils. 

Thursday, 01 August 2013 02:53

Seashell Shadowbox

Here's a simple way to create simple artwork in your home. If you or your family collects seashells from different vacation spots, fill a shadowbox with all of your special memories. It's an easy way to keep the kids busy at the beach.

Seashell Shadowbox

A private investigator has offered to help an Akron family with the search for missing 19-year-old Taylor Robinson.

Tim Dimoff, president of SACS Security, is working on the case with his investigation team. They have contacted the Akron Police Department and reviewed the scene where Taylor was last seen on the night of May 3. 

Taylor was dropped off at a house on Kipling Street in Akron where she went to work as a home health care aide.

Dimoff believes whoever is involved in Taylor's disappearance, knew her very well.

"The bottom line on the profile is this; whoever came to the door, she knew, she knew him well and she's known him for a long time," said Dimoff.

Akron police said the Taylor's shoes and a coat was left behind inside the home, which could be a sign that that she may have felt comfortable to open the door and go outside with an individual. 

"Maybe she wasn't planning on getting in the car. Maybe the person says let's just sit in the car and talk and then something happened inside that car," said Dimoff. "We believe she never got out of that car and we believe it was physical."

Dimoff said his team is looking at a couple of prime suspects in the case.

"We know that the couple of people we're looking at, strongly, absolutely fit our profile and actually exemplify a strong relationship with problems in that relationship."

Dimoff is only charging the family $1 to help with the investigation.

Thursday, 25 July 2013 12:07

AUDIO Swensons Launches Food Truck

The next time you're looking for a Swensons Drive-In Restaurant, you could be grabbing their famous "Galley Boy" from inside a food truck. 

Lindsey Flowers, director of the new Swensons food truck, said they've been flooded with catering requests, which influenced their decision to launch the custom-built food truck.

"We are able to go anywhere a customer needs us to go, cook the food on-site and it's made hot and fresh and ready to order," said Flowers.  

The 28-foot food truck will serve the same menu items made popular at the drive-in restaurants.

"Anything a restaturant can make, we can make in the food truck."

The food truck made its first appearance in Akron at opening ceremonies for the All-American Soap Box Derby Monday. Their next appearance will be at Hardesty Park for the annual Taste of Akron Thursday evening.

"We have not even started advertising yet and the books are filling up. Word of mouth is great and we're very excited for this new business venture for Swensons."

There's been a lot of discussions surrounding food trucks in Akron. The city currently prohibits food trucks from operating on public property.

Flowers says at this point, the ban will have little impact on their new business venture. She says the food truck was set-up to focus on improving their catering business.

"We're not looking to just pull up and cook anywhere," said Flowers. "This is more for catering, so we will be on private property. So the Akron [food truck] ban will not affect us."

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Thursday, 25 July 2013 07:02

Personal Video At Your Wedding

Here's a creative and personal way to capture your wedding on video.
What is Wedit? It's a company that sends you five HD cameras for your guests to capture the reception and ceremony on video. You send the cameras back to Wedit, and they will upload the video for you. They can also edit the footage for you ( additional charge).
Here's a sample of...
Wednesday, 24 July 2013 11:56

Easy PVC Shoe Rack

If you've ever tripped on a shoe inside your home, you've thought about getting something to organize them at one point or another.
Here's an easy/cheap/cool way to keep everything together. Glue PVC pipes (you can get them cut at a local hardware store) together to form rows as big or small as you would like.
A how-to guide can be found on www.macgy...