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Aaron Coleman

Aaron has been working with RCRG since August of 2008 covering various news and sporting events. He graduated in 2003 from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron. He then went onto the University of Akron in May of 2008 with a degree in Radio/TV & Media Productions and a minor in Psychology. It was at WZIP & ZTV where Aaron developed a passion for radio especially Sports Radio. While attending the University of Akron you could hear Aaron on Sundays doing the "Sports Power Talk" program. Aaron covers City Hall, County Council and Akron School Board beats and handles traffic updates weekday afternoons on 1590 WAKR, 97.5 WONE and 94.9 WQMX. You can contact Aaron through the newsroom 330-864-6397 or email acoleman@rcrg.net

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 17:15

AUDIO Calloway Talks Tribe Pitching, Camaraderie

Day 3 of Wahoo Week from Goodyear, Arizona is an exciting time for both the Cleveland Indians players, but also the coaching staff.

Mickey Calloway joined WAKR's Sam Bourquin and Brad Russell to talk about the team, the young arms in the system, and the chemistry.

"We're excited," said Calloway. "21 of our 28 or 29 pitchers were here 12 days before camp started, so we're ready to get going and play some games."

The attitude and the atmosphere around the clubhouse is something special, and to a man, they truly enjoy working together and working towards their goals together.

"I think those guys embrace those kinds of challenges," Mickey explained.

"When you have a challenge like that, and when you have a team concept, it makes it easier."

As far as the pitching staff, Calloway says that they're young, but they approach the game like veterans and take initiative to try and get better every day.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 09:32

AUDIO: Mike DeWine Turns Down Marijuana Petition

Attorney General Mike DeWine joins Ray Horner to talk about why he turned down the petition to legalize marijuana in Ohio. DeWine explains that it is his job to make sure that anything that is on a petition should be represented and be fair and consistent. He says he turned it down, not because he is against it but because it was not accurate.

DeWine says that there were a few things left out of the petition statement. In order for the petition to be circulated, it needs to be fixed to be accurate. Once the statement is accurate, it will be passed and the petition may begin circulation. After DeWine explains why the petition was turned down, he explains his position on the matter.

DeWine tells Ray that he spoke to an Attorney General in Colorado who claims that it has become a disaster. He gives multiple examples and statistics as to why DeWine is against legalizing marijuana. He also explains that a lot of the marketing in Colorado is aimed at kids. Many of the marijuana products are candy bars, cookies and other candies that kids can easily confuse with regular products. There is also no control as to how much marijuana is used in these products.



Congressman Tim Ryan joins Ray to talk about the homeland security funding issue. Ryan talks about the desire for a clean vote in the Senate. He expresses worry about whether the House of Representatives will bring it up for a vote.

Ryan explains that if so, it will provide the time needed to look at the big picture. Ryan says that he thinks that, given everything going on, he does not believe they would want to shut down the security aspect of the government for any time, therefore he thinks that this will be voted on and pushed back until September. He also talks about how to export our natural gas from the United States. Ryan says he is not in favor of the pipeline that comes from Canada and through the United States, due to the dirty oil coming through.


Wednesday, 25 February 2015 08:46

AUDIO: Superintendent David James State of Akron

Akron Public School's Superintendent David James joins Ray Horner to talk about his State of Akron Speech. James touches on his thoughts of changing the school calendar to a year-round calendar. He tells Ray a few advantages of changing the calendar for teachers, students and parents. He also talks about Akron Public School's sports programs.

James talks about the idea of bringing Tom Cousineau in to help out with sports programming. He would like to make sure that the coaches have the training that they need and working on character building. James tells Ray that he would like to put a board together to talk about athletic issues and ways to improve.



Tuesday, 24 February 2015 18:06

AUDIO Francona, Tribe Ready To Get Started

The Cleveland Indians are primed for the 2015 season and the catalyst for that success on the field is Tribe manager Terry Francona.

Indians Vice President for Public Affairs Bobby DiBiasio stopped by to chat with Brad Russell and Sam Bourquin out in Goodyear Tuesday afternoon.

DiBiasio said Terry's communication with his players is paramount to the day-to-day success for the Tribe.

"With his track record, with his resume, how do you not react positively to Tito?" asked Bobby. "We all react to people as how they treat us personally and individually, and Tito treats each of those guys like he's their father."

It's that kind of family atmosphere and the expectation of playing hard that keeps the Indians going.

Terry sat down with Sam Bourquin and Brad Russell  to talk about the guys, the season, and expectations for 2015.

"We had a team meeting today, and I had more anxiety than I had in a long time, and it's because I care about these guys so much, and I care about the organization so much," Francona explained.

He knows the season is long, and there will be bumps in the road, but it's all about building trust, and working hard.

 "We want to get after it together," says the Tribe skipper.

"We're going to go through ups and downs this season, but we'll do it together, we'll come through it, and we'll win together."

One of the players who stepped his game up last season was Tribe catcher Yan Gomes, and he says he's focused and ready for the upcoming season.

WAKR's Brad Russell caught up with Yan during Day 2 of Wahoo Week to talk about his offseason, spending time with the family, and the 2015 campaign.

"This team has a real family environment, so it's really fun to come back and see your family again," said Gomes.

He says the team chemistry will be on point, given that so many players will be back for the Tribe this season.

Yan says his offseason has been a busy one, with the birth of a new daughter recently.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 16:11

AUDIO Nagy Relishing New Role With Indians

Wahoo Week Day 2 is in full effect in Goodyear, Arizona. A familiar face has returned to the Indians to try and help the Tribe pitchers this spring training and beyond.

Former Indians pitcher Charles Nagy joined Sam Bourquin and Brad Russell for a quick chat to discuss this next stage in his baseball journey.

"Baseball is something that I love, and something that's been a part of my life for so long," Nagy said.

"You still come to the park, you try to get better every day, learn something new, and my role is to talk to the guys and give them whatever they need."

Nagy says he's happy being a part of the game, putting on the uniform again, and the relaxed atmosphere in Goodyear.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 10:45

AUDIO: Betty Lin-Fisher's Who Will Lead Series

Akron Beacon Journal's Betty Lin-Fisher joins Ray to talk about the Who Will Lead series. She explains that this series was meant to be one story but has quickly become a series. Fisher explains that there was so much to learn and share.

Fisher explains to Ray that it is the time to have this conversation. She tells Ray the differences between the Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennial generations. Fisher leads in to talk about women in leadership positions. Fisher and Ray discuss the difference in home life now compared to when women stayed at home with the children.




Monday, 23 February 2015 22:56

AUDIO: Wahoo Week Continues From Goodyear

Wahoo Week started off with a bang in Goodyear, Arizona as the Cleveland Indians are ready to get going for Spring Training. Tribe broadcaster Jim Rosenhaus joined Brad Russell and Sam Bourquin on 1590 WAKR to discuss the Indians, who are excited to get things started with their full-team workout on Tuesday.

"There's so much confidence about what could be this season, I think tomorrow will be a lot of fun, because they'll finally get out there," Rosenhaus said. Sam and Brad talked to a few players including Cody Allen and Zach McAllister, who said they and the rest of the guys are ready to get back and finish the deal this year and get into the postseason. Jim Rosenhaus says that there's no sense of complacency with this group.

"They still feel they haven't reached their full potential, there's still some things they have to clean up from last season, but the potential is there for some great things this season."


Indians Pitcher Zach McCallister joined Brad Russell and Sam Bourquin for Wahoo Week in Goodyear, Arizona to talk baseball and Spring Training.

Zach talked about his offseason, and his teammates hunger to close the deal and get into the post-season.

"I think we didn't finish what we started last year," McCallister explained.

"A lot of guys came back from last year, and we all have that drive and desire to be successful, and that what makes this spring exciting."

He says mechanics and consistency are things he's been working on and will continue to work on while in Goodyear. He says the team is excited to get back to work and put in the hours necessary to get where they need to be.