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Scott Wynn

Scott Wynn is the "Wynn" part of the Wynn and Wilson morning show on WQMX. Scott is a Northeast Ohio native, a 28- year radio veteran and has hosted many great morning shows in markets all over the country. Scott's stops have included Columbus, Ohio; Richmond, Virginia; Jefferson City, Missouri; and Lakeland, Florida. In 1997 Scott, while at WPCV in Lakeland was recognized with then-partner Tom O'Brien as the CMA Broadcast Personality of the Year. Scott is lifetime member of the CMA, and has worked in country radio exclusively for the past 26 years. Scott is also a contributor or as a blogger and as a movie reviewer. Contact Scott at

Saturday, 07 June 2014 08:50

MOVIE REVIEW - Edge Of Tomorrow

The end f the world, Sci- Fi action flicks keep rolling out, and we keep rolling in. And this week it's the new Tom Cruise movie, Edge Of Tomorrow.

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 13:39


Here comes a big helping of refreshing, along with a side of pure, and a pinch of great, all served up by a Chef that knows what he's doing. This is a comedy, and a drama. But what it is above all is great!

Sometimes a comedy comes around with high hopes, and tons of hype that ultimately falls short. That is the new Seth MacFarland comedy.

Monday, 26 May 2014 08:25


Here comes yet another Adam Sandler comedy. We get one about every year this time, and it's always the same.  Critics hate them, and those who choose to go see them, love them.

Truth is, it is really hard work to try to keep up with all of these "superhero" movie series'.  There are so many of them that look and sound the same.  And where are we with this one... or that one? 

Friday, 16 May 2014 13:15


They have been making Godzilla movies now for 60 years.  2014 marks Toho Productions iconic monster figure officially 60.  For some perspective that's 10 years longer than James Bond.  He is the longest running franchise in movie history.

Monday, 12 May 2014 15:42

MOVIE REVIEW - Neighbors

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are together in the new raunchy comedy, Neighbors is out in a big way this week. A huge opening weekend of about 52 million dollars.

Course:  Sugarbush Golf Club

Location:  Garrettsville, Portage County

Directions: Rt. 88, with access near Rt. 422, Ohio Turnpike, and I-76

Driving Time:  50 minutes from Cleveland, 30 from Akron, 40 from Medina

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was: 648

Sugarbush Website

It's always fun to look forward to playing a new course you have never played.  We had always heard good things about Sugarbush, but our Sunday Morning Tour had never made it there. Why did we wait so long?  Sugarbush is a gem of a golf course in every way.  We can not tell you how much we loved this place in its entirety.

Sugarbush is out in the beautiful trees deep in Portage County built in the mid 1960's.  It is a course of decent length, with a nice amount of everything to make this very challenging.  Before we go on, we need to tell you this is "big boy" golf.  Sugarbush is not a course really for beginners.  More on that in a minute. But what Sugarbush is, is wonderfully unspoiled. A simple and quaint clubhouse, an old school golf course design, and real primitive authenticity to it that make this a really great golf experience. There are fancier, newer courses with bigger facilities, smoother cart paths, and a bigger sense of flash.  But few public golf courses are a nice or as well designed as this.

642 AM - View from #1 Fairway. Great par 5 starting hole

This terrific track has a nice mix of sand, water, tons of trees, protected greens and a wonderful design. Par 72 with a story of 2 separate 9's.  The front is longer, and a bit more open.  But don't be fooled. This is a tough 9.  Almost all greens are elevated and undulated, sloped and fast.  And I mean very fast.  A Facebook friend named Glenn Duncan posted, "STAY BELOW THE HOLE!"  And that is apt.  Sheesh!  When we did, we played well. When we didn't we got chewed up. 

When reading the score card you think the back will play a bit easier, as it is 500 less yards, but you would be wrong.  It is tighter with more blind shots, and more slick, and fast greens.  On this Sunday, these greens were holding wonderfully, and putting exceptionally fast.  With murderous pin locations that made this insanely challenging.  Many pins were way up front, or very deep, and the ones that were center, were seldom on a flat area.  There are many false fronts on these elevated greens that make your approach shots really tough.  And although it didn't happen to me, there were a few short shots made today that rolled back to us after not making it to the greens.

And putting? The greens were fast and true, and did pretty much what you thought they would. They were borderline perfect for thie early in the season. But speed is everything here. If you were above the hole, you better make the putt, or you were looking at a tough comeback.  3 putting and a difficult short game is where we all lost our rounds.  But, this is a fair course. You just need to play it a time or two.  And we will. You also have to decide where on the greens you want the ball before you approach.  Tough for all us amateurs.  I will post the scores in a few, and it should be noted, we all hit the ball very well, and kept it in play most of the time.  But pretty much all strokes over our normal scores were on and around the greens. You don't play many public courses that are this tough approaching and around the greens. 

The Caboose Bridge over a creek near #15 green and #16 tee

There is a wonderful authenticity to this place that is tough to replicate. Up hill, down hill, twisting and turning with a great mixture of everything you want when you play a tough course.  The rates are very good for this level of play, and the service was incredibly friendly, and they even have a "course dog" Tuna, that greets you early in the morning when you arrive as we did at 630 today.

Tuna, the course dog, watching us play #18 Sugarbush.  This golf course and experience is sensational in every single way.  One play, and it's already one of our favorites. Worth the drive from anywhere. And although a friendly place, this course will be enjoyed far more by golfers that can play well overall, very challenging.  As an amateur if you shoot around bogey golf as we did, you have done well.  To score here, you must have a well above average short game. We can't wait to go back.  And we will later this summer.


Beef  - 90
Wynn  -  91
Bryan  - 93
Joe Red  - 96

Next week, we tee it up at Astorhurst in the Metroparks.

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Big Met

Shale Creek

Saturday, 03 May 2014 13:32

MOVIE REVIEW - The Amazing Spiderman 2

Lot's of hype for this, and sadly this gets caught up in its own web.

Course:  Creekwood Golf Course

Location:  Lorain County, Columbia Station

Directions:  Access from Rt. 82, Rt. 10, I-480, and not far from I-71 or the Turnpike

Time Travel:  35 minutes from Akron, 20 from Medina, 45 from Portage County

Dewsweepers Tee Time Was:  730

This week, the Dewsweepers played at a real quaint and fun course in Columbia Station called Creekwood.  Creekwood is out in the country, among the trees that plays about 6,300 yards.  It is a friendly golf course that is suitable for all levels of play.  It's not a long golf course, but it's one that challenges you right out of the gate.  You don't play many courses where the number 1, 3 and 5 handicap are the first three holes you play.  If you're not careful, you can lose your score very early. But conversely, if you do, there is ample time to make it up.

Beef and Joe Red were off this week, as Beef was on the Dewsweepers Tour West Coast Division, playing desert golf In Las Vegas with his son Dirk and nephew Brenden (also Dewsweeper fill-ins)  Joe Red was out of town on business, so Joe's son Bryan filled in as did our friend Manny.  Tex and I as charter members teed it up with them.

Manny is a solid player who is back finally after a long road dealing with back problems.  But when he is healthy he can play. Today, he played another quiet round as he usually does. Manny seldom has blow-up holes, and keeps his damage minimal. He also putts very well making 8 footers routinely.  Manny shot a respectable 42 on the front, and a real nice 39 on the back for 81 on the day.  He also had 6 1-putts on the round, always helps the score.

Bryan played the best of all of us probably overall.  He had three birdies on the day, including two on the front, and one on the back.  He was sailing along nicely, but a startling 8 (snowman) on the difficult number 13 dog-leg left par 4, really derailed his round. But Bryan hit the ball well all day, and recovered also firing an 81, going 39/42.  A bad 8, but otherwise well done all the way around.

Tex played a pretty good round, but had the tale of a few bad holes.  Tex had three explosion holes, 5, 9 and 11. Taking 8 on all three. But other than that, his short game was good, and he putted fine, and helped keep his damage under control as he tried to erase 3 bad numbers.   Going 50/48 for 98 on the day.  Not bad considering three tough numbers.  We've all been there.

I bogeyed the first 7 holes.  Then played only plus 4 on the final 11 holes, that included 2 of those on 18, taking my only bad number of the day, a double bogey 6.  I parred 8 out of 10 holes, and kept the number pretty low considering a 7 bogey start, going 43/40 for 83 on the round.  I 3-putted number 6, and took a ridiculous double on 18, so the round could have been better.  I also took a bad bogey on the short number 11 par 5, that hurt, when you are thinking birdie. So my score could have been better, as I hit the ball pretty well.  For the most part we all kept the ball in play all day.

Course highlights? 1,2 and 3.  1 is a monster par 4, 435 yards straight ahead, with a sloped green back to front.  2 and 3 are both short par 4's, that are ridiculously tight with tree lining all the way, 3 has a lake in front.  6, is a great par 4 with a creek at the landing area, or you can try to drive over it (Bryan and I did).  13, is a severe doggy left, that dares you to try to drive it over the trees to the green. 16 is another brutal par 4, doggy right tree lined to a sloped green, and 17 a tough little par 3, 165 yards uphill over 2 creeks.

Creekwood is a fun place to play and is generally in good shape. Rates are very reasonable, with really GREAT weekday specials with cart that are hard to pass up. Always a good time, and one of the nicest starters you'll ever meet. 


Bryan  -  81
Manny  -  81
Wynn  -  83
Tex  -  98

Creekwood Website

Next week the Dewsweepers are all back together, and we are playing our first round ever at Sugarbush.

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Big Met

Shale Creek