Saturday, 25 February 2012 13:40

Some Election Results To Come Later

There are some contested races in Summit County that will not be decided on election night. Board of Elections Deputy Director Kim Zurz says the secretary of state decided it was okay to hold off on tallying write-in candidates because they have to be counted by hand.

On the suggestion of just staying up all night to get it done, Zurz asks if you really want people who are only functioning with the use of a lot of caffeine deciding the outcome of an election.

"The reality is that people get very fatigued and accuracy is extremely important," said Zurz.  "You want fresh eyes."

It shouldn't be much of a problem.  After all, the change won't impact our ability to determine the most-watched races and issues of the day, only those that are contested races involving write-in candidates.  Those are mainly limited to a handful of people running for either the Republican or Democrat central committee.

There are plenty of people trying to grab a spot on one of those committees who are also write-in candidates, but they are uncontested in most cases.  Those ballots still have to be counted by hand, but there's little anticipation since a single vote - even if it's by the candidate - is enough to win. 

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