Tuesday, 06 March 2012 18:19

Akron Man Guilty of Shooting at SWAT Team

An Akron man was found gulity of  shooting at SWAT officers during a drug raid.

Summit County Prosecutors say a jury found Daniel Hayes guilty of various drug and weapons charges after the SWAT team executed a search warrant at known drug house on Talbot Avenue  the morning of October 7th of 2010.

Police arrived at the house, kicking in the back door and set off  a flash grenade before entering.

Hayes was in the bedroom of the house with an 18-year-old girl and  fired three shots from the bedroom in the direction of the officers. He then broke the bedroom window and threw the gun out. An Akron detective saw Hayes throw the gun.

Ballistics confirmed that three bullet casings and another bullet found in the house came from the gun he threw out the window.

APD also found Hayes’ DNA on the gun and the broken glass from the bedroom window.

Hayes will be sentenced March 9.

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