Monday, 26 March 2012 12:41

Akron Gets Greener

It's going to get easier to keep downtown Akron clean.

Mayor Don Plusquellic announced today the addition of about 200 recycling containers, thanks to a grant from the Ohio Division of Natural Resources. 

Plusquellic says a state grant is paying for 154 thirty-gallon recycling containers shaped like pop bottles. There will be 50-gallon, dome-shaped containers and 20 more containers that are 300 gallons each.

"Right now, DAP (Downtown Akron Partnership) is using square cardboard recycling dumpsters that you still see, but we think the upgraded dumpsters will remind people and certainly be more attractive in downtown," said Plusquellic

Plusquellic says the program with Downtown Akron Partnership should meet demands by store owners.

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