The man convicted of the 1975 murder of an Akron police officer will stay behind bars.

Donald Webb was convicted of murdering officer Gary Yost Sr. (at left; photo Yost family and  who was found shot to death during a robbery at a trucking company where he was working part-time security.

The Ohio Parole Board and the Central Office Board Review denied Webb's request for parole and announced he will not be eligible for another parole hearing until March 2022.

Donald Webb has been paroled three times since starting his original life sentence.

JoEllen Smith, spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, said the decision was based on many factors including Webb's criminal history and petitions signed in opposition of his release.

The family of Yost worked with the online website to help keep Webb behind bars and to extend the amount of time Webb can file another application for parole.

The Ohio Parole Board extended the length between parole hearings from three to ten years.

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