Saturday, 14 January 2012 06:42

Guide To Summit County Waterways In The Works

People who want to boat or canoe on Summit County waterways could have an extensive guide, starting this year.

Area parks officials are working on the Regional Water Trail Master Plan, which would link water resources like canals, rivers and lakes for recreational use.

"Recreational canoeing and kayaking," David Whited with Metro Parks, Serving Summit County tells, "so people can leave their house and say go downtown for a ballgame, go to down to downtown Barberton for a Mum Festival, those kind of things, go out to eat dinner."

Whited says they're hoping to put out a map linking all the canals, rivers and waterways, and other water resources, by next year...when the master plan is completed.

"Get a map that people can hand out and distribute so it'll encourage that kind of recreational use of the lakes, the river and the canal", Whited says. 

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