Fairlawn officials are moving to regulate the operation of so-called 'Internet Cafes" in their city, even though none has sought to move into the city yet.

Fairlawn Mayor Bill Roth says its probably inevitable that will change and possibly soon, so he says the city should be ready.

Roth tells AkronNewsNow " Presently there is no law in the state or on the books in Fairlawn to regulate this type of activity. The state of Ohio was supposed to pass some legislation this past year, but they've had a busier agenda and have not address it."

Roth says there should be rules as to where these establishments can locate. " Again our position is you need to regulate that type of activity. We've introduced the draft of an ordinance. We're working o the idea of regulation to make sure you limit it to certain areas where there is the least impact on residential and other areas of the city," says Roth.

Many internet cafes offer customers internet sweepstakes games, which critics say is a form of gambling.

Fairlawn could adopt an ordinance this year. 

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 11:40

Fairlawn Starts Land Buyer Search

The City of Fairlawn hopes to attract a buyer for its last parcel of available real estate for business development.

Mayor Bill Roth tells the Beacon Journal that he and city officials are searching for new corporate offices, possibly a business headquarters, to purchase the city's final 56 acres of undeveloped land off of Cleveland-Massillon Road, near Ridgewood Road.

The Fairlawn Community Improvement Corp. has already hired realty group Jones Lang LaSalle out of Cleveland in a commission -only agreement to find a potential buyer.

On the web: Ohio.com

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Monday, 24 October 2011 05:51

Fairlawn Retail Boom

Recession or not, retail business is booming in Fairlawn.

Fairlawn Mayor Bill Roth says the city is maintaining high occupancy rates at its shopping areas along West Market Street.

"Fairlawn Town Center, the Giant Eagle is expanding, they're going to be taking over the Lucky Shoes space," Roth tells AkronNewsNow.com. "Lucky Shoes is actually moving, they're staying in the same plaza."

Roth says that'll trigger a chain reaction which also involves Pet Supplies Plus taking about 30 percent of the former Circuit City location....putting occupancy there at 95 percent.

It's a similar story down West Market, where the new EarthFare supermarket has filled up the Shoppes at Fairlawn.

Roth says there are two big reasons the city's retail has weathered the slow economy.

"We've been very fortunate," Roth says. "I believe it's based on demographics and the location of our city...where it's located in the state with Route 18 and 77."

He says the retail activity doesn't just bring Fairlawn more tax revenue.

"It also helps obviously having a lot of people coming into your city," says Roth. "They feel comfortable here, they feel safe here, it's a good image for the city and also Summit County. We do draw a lot of visitors and shoppers from Cuyahoga, Stark and Summit (Counties)." 

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 19:23

Fairlawn Has Tentative Contract Agreement

Fairlawn Mayor Bill Roth says the city has reached a tentative contract agreement with city firefighters, and service department workers.

Roth tells AkronNewsNow "What they are are two two year extensions, one for each bargaining unit, of the existing contract, including wage reopeners for future years. I'm very pleased that the unions were able to sit down and work with us amicably and in the best interest of the city."

Roth says Fairlawn and its city employee unions have a good working relationship and that was key in reaching the tentative agreement. He says the city unions have the right to examine the city's finances.

Roth says the tentative agreements will help provide financial stability for Fairlawn over the next two years.

Fairlawn City Council is expected to approve the contracts at its November 7th meeting.

Union members are currently voting on the agreements.

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