Wednesday, 01 February 2012 15:18

AUDIO Pit Bull Change Draws Akron Reaction

The Ohio Senate has approved a bill that would remove pit bull dogs from the state's "vicious dog" list.The change would require evidence to prove pit bulls are actually vicious.

Akron Customer Service Manager John Eaton is in charge of the city's vicious dog and dog warden calls. He doesn't agree with the change saying the vast majority of vicious dog calls in Akron involve pit bulls.

He tells AkronNewsNow " Unfortunately there's a lot of pit bull owners that don't understand the make-up of the animals, or they do understand it, and are taking advantage of it."

Eaton says the breeding process has made many pit bulls aggressive and with tendencies to attack people or other dogs.

Eaton says if the bill becomes law the city's law department would have to determine what impact it would have on Akron's vicious dog ordinance which requires registration, special insurance, and special collars for the dogs. 

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