Wednesday, 01 February 2012 14:39

Four-County Burglary Ring Busted

Police in Portage, Geauga and Summit Counties say they've broken up a widespread burglary ring that was responsible for more than two dozen crimes and other "felony thefts" across four northeast Ohio counties.

Streetsboro police picked up three individuals -- John Hudak of Streetsboro, Albert Yoho Jr. and Janice Posey of Twinsburg -- on related charges. Aurora police issued arrest warrants for Sandra Arciszewski and David Rutter, both of Streetsboro, and both still at large, on similar charges.

Police say the gang would case local homes in the morning and knock on doors; if the knock went unanswered, the home would be broken into and property taken from the residence.

Hudak, Yoho and Posey are currently being held in the Portage County Jail.

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(Streetsboro Police Department) A multi-agency investigation has resulted in charges of Burglary, a second degree felony, being filed against five individuals: John J Hudak, 34, (top left) of Streetsboro, Albert A Yoho Jr, 38, (middle left) of Twinsburg and Janice L Posey, 56, (bottom left) of Twinsburg have been arrested by the Streetsboro Police Department, and the Aurora Police Department has issued arrest warrants for Sandra C Arciszewski, 44, of Streetsboro and David C Rutter, 41, of Streetsboro.


Investigators from Streetsboro, Aurora, Twinsburg, Bainbridge, Geauga County Sheriff's Office, Portage County Sheriff's Office, Hudson, Stow, and Moreland Hills have tied one or more of these individuals to as many as twenty eight (28) burglaries and four (4) other felony thefts so far in four (4) counties. Investigators believe there are many more unsolved burglaries and thefts that these individuals are responsible for and the investigation is ongoing. All of the solved cases will eventually be presented to a grand jury.

The individuals involved in these burglaries targeted homes outside of populated areas. They would approach the home during the morning hours, knock on the door and if no one answered, they would enter the home either by an open door or window or by force. Once inside, they looked for smaller items that were easy to carry, specifically cash, jewelry, coins and small electronics. Much of the stolen property was then taken to pawn shops where it was sold for cash.

On January 20, 2012, investigators from Streetsboro, Aurora, Twinsburg, Bainbridge and Geauga County Sheriff's Office and Streetsboro uniformed officers executed a search warrant at the Tinkers Lodge, 10326 Wellman Rd in Streetsboro where Hudak, Arciszewski and Rutter reside. Several boxes of what was believed to be stolen property was recovered as a result of the search warrant. Some of that property has since been identified as stolen by several of the burglary victims.

These arrests and solved cases would not have been possible if not for the collaborative effort and hard work by all the investigators from the all agencies involved. Although as many as nine law enforcement agencies were involved, the investigators worked as one team to come to a successful resolution.

Hudak, Yoho, and Posey are currently being held at the Portage County Jail. Warrants have been issued for Arciszewski and Rutter and investigators are attempting to locate them.

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