Thursday, 29 March 2012 17:47

AUDIO Fairlawn Delays Rothrock Barricades

Fairlawn city officials have reached agreement with Copley Township to delay Fairlawn's deployment of concrete barricades to block through traffic on Rothrock Road. Copley Township Trustee Helen Humphrys tells AkronNewsNow " Our attorney Irv Sugerman and Fairlawn's attorney Steve Funk negotiated this and thought the best route now is to wait until the April 30th when the judge is supposed to have the next hearing."

Humphrys is hoping this delay will lead to a judge's ruling keeping the permanent barricades from going up in Fairlawn's dispute with Copley about Wal-Mart moving from Fairlawn to a new location on Rothrock Road in the township.

" It is good news for the time being. I'm still concerned about the thought process in going through this with what is being reported about fear of people driving through their neighborhoods. If someone would just go out there and see, there would be no reason to drive through that subdivision," says Humphrys.

Humphrys says 73 residents of Copley Place,a senior apartment complex on Rothrock Road, have signed a petition urging that Fairlawn take the barricades down and leave the roadway open.


 Helen Humphrys believes that even if permanent barricades eventually go up on Rothrock Road Wal-Mart will go ahead with plans to build a new store and Sam's Club in Copley because there will still be access to the stores from Route 18 and Cleveland-Massillon Road.

Fairlawn has already placed temporary barricades trying to block through traffic in its dispute with Copley over Wal-Mart's decision to build a new store and Sam's Club on Rothrock Road in Copley, thereby eventually resulting in Wal-Mart closing its two stores in Rosemont Commons in Fairlawn.

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