It's been nearly two weeks since the deadly plane crash into an Akron apartment building, but reality is just now setting in for some of the families affected by the damage left behind.

"When they went to walk into the building to try and get what they can, they're being hit by the image again of what happened," said Pam Williams, a disaster volunteer with the Red Cross.

Nearly a dozen families were affected by the plane crash after a four-unit apartment building was heavily damaged when a small plane crashed, killing all nine people on board. 

While some families lost everything they had, others were able to retrieve some of their belongings.

"So as they drive down the street, as they go back and get things out, it's all raw again," said Williams. "So they're starting to want to talk about that."

Williams said several families have already reached out for help. The Red Cross will continue to offer services for the families, including mental health services for those who are still working to cope with the image of the crash. 

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Red Cross Assisting Families Affected By Plane Crash

UPDATE No Survivors In Akron Plane Crash

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While the investigation continues into the deadly Akron plane crash that took the lives of all nine people on board, the American Red Cross is actively offering their support to the 11 families who were affected by the damage left behind.

"We provided initial assistance to those families. Right now, we're waiting to see what kind of services they need, if any, as follow-up," said Spokesman Jim McIntyre with the American Red Cross Northeast Ohio Region.

The local chapter of the Red Cross will also be assisting the families with a recovery plan.

"We'll refer them to whatever appropriate agencies they need. We are also going to assist them with a recovery plan if they need that and we also have mental health services available if those are needed."

At the crash site on Mogadore Road, the Red Cross is also on scene to provide food, water and coffee to first responders and investigators.

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Investigators descended on Ellet Tuesday in the wake of the plane crash that killed nine people aboard a Hawker H25 jet headed for Akron Fulton Airport.

Former FAA investigator Jeff Rich says the National Transportation Safety Board is conducting what is called the "field phase" of the investigation, which could take as long as a week. This first stage begins by making sure that all of the debris is at the crash site. Next, investigators will try to determine the physical characteristics of the plane, including the positions of the landing gear and ailerons.

Within 30 days, the NTSB must issue a preliminary report that includes some basic details about the plane and the crash.

Investigators can move the wreckage to another location once the Medical Examiner's Office has completed its work. Rich says that location could be as close as a hangar at Fulton Airport. 

Rich described the Hawker H25 as an older type of aircraft, but a sturdy one with no known major safety issues.


Jeff Rich analyzes the Ellet plane crash and talks about the next steps in the investigation

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Monday, 20 April 2015 14:41

Ellet Bank Robbed At Lunchtime

Akron police are looking for someone who robbed an Ellet bank late Monday morning.

Employees say the man entered the U.S. Bank on South Canton Road at around 11:30 AM wearing camouflage clothing and a full face mask, and came to the teller counter.

He placed a bag on the counter and demanded money.

The robber got away with an unreported amount of cash, and police say no gun was seen during the robbery.

In addition to surveillance photos seen here, police describe the suspect as a white male, 50 – 55 years old, around 5'07", 200 lbs., with facial hair and was wearing a green camouflage full face mask, olive green coat and pants, and brown boots.

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Monday, 16 February 2015 10:04

AUDIO: Bob Hoch with Ward 6 Update

Ward Member Bob Hoch of Ward 6 joins WAKR's Ray Horner for an update. Hoch touches on the Ellet Community Parade and changes to come. Hoch also tells Ray about business in Ellet.

Hoch tells Ray that businesses are looking for land for different things. Also, he informs Ray that there will be a new Get-Go on Massillon Road. Hoch tells Ray that Ellet is landlocked and does not have enough area to continue expanding, though residents would like to see more restaurants in the area.

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Detectives have made an arrest in connection with the strangulation death of a 68-year-old Ellet man.

Shannon Mount, 43, of Uniontown, has been charged with aggravated murder and aggravated robbery.

Mount was arrested shortly after Leonard McHaddon's body was discovered in his Ripley Avenue home Thursday morning after police found him driving McHaddon's missing vehicle.

He was charged with receiving stolen property. Detectives also found several items missing from McHaddon's home.

Authorities said a woman was also found in the car, but she has not been charged.

Mount is currently being held at the Summit County Jail.

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UPDATE Akron Power Outages

12:06 p.m.:  FirstEnergy Spokesman Mark Durbin reports that power has been restored to all impacted areas.  The residents in Ellet regained electricity around 10:00 a.m.


FirstEnergy crews are working to restore power to 536 customers in the Akron area. 479 people in Ellet woke up in the dark after lines went down at Canton Road and Benton.

There are 36 customers without power in Monroe Falls ... that's in the North Moreland Avenue area.

And another problem on Argone Avenue in Mogadore has left 21 customers without electricity this morning.

A FirstEnergy spokesman says they hope to have everyone back on line later this morning.

It's not clear what caused the outages.

CLICK HERE to track outages across the state.

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It's a happy holiday ending in the "Lost and Found Department".

The Beacon Journal reports that a cloth bag with $12,000 was lost Wednesday in Akron, but was found a day later by a very honest Akron couple.

Police say the woman and her husband found the tan cloth bag lying in the middle of the road at an Ellet intersection and went to police, who went through paperwork inside to find the rightful owners - the Springfield Township couple who lost the loot.

They had it because they were going to buy a house out of state.

The couple isn't giving out their names, and aren't talking about any possible reward. The woman says - quote - "God kept his hand on that money." 


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